I graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, California in June 2009. I am currently a computer science major in the School of Engineering at UCLA, and I plan in graduating (in 4 years-right on time!) in June 2013.


During the 2011 summer, I spent a month traveling through Austria and Germany with UCLA’s TravelStudy program. I took classes on German history and culture — more specifically, a class on the History of Berlin, and a class on 20th Century German War, Art and Culture. Because of this summer, my interests in Germany, the German language, and traveling have greatly expanded.

Besides traveling, I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs about the tech industry and playing/tinkering with new gadgets. This interest is what convinced me to be a computer science major (having a software engineer as a dad helped, too).

PS: I also enjoy shopping, online and in thrift stores, and I think everything looks better when it’s made in InDesign.